These days technology is an integral part of business operations and functionality. Whether the business has a specific IT department, or you’re working on the computer at your desk, every business is trying to achieve the most efficient way to keep things running. We typically think of apps as the fun games or social media sites on our phone, but they can actually be extremely useful tools for business. Take a look at some of these great apps that can help improve the efficiency of your workday and help with any stress you may be feeling.

Evernote– Evernote is your ultimate app for meetings. Ditch the paper and pen, Evernote has everything you could need when it comes to taking notes. Whether you want to write a quick note, record an audio note, attach web pages or save images, Evernote is there to help. The best part about Evernote is the ability to share/send your information to other coworkers who may have missed the meeting or need a recap.

Roambi Analytics– In quick need of organized statistics and charts for a presentation? Roambi Analytics should be your go-to tool. This fantastic app takes whatever confusing or complicated data you input and turns it into organized charts, graphs and percentages.

Bizzabo– If you’re hosting a big conference in house or with other companies, consider promoting attendees to download and use Bizzabo. This app can easily help guests network and get in touch with those at the event they may want to contact/meet. Users are able to connect their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Yammer- Take group chatting to a new level by asking your team to download Yammer. Not only can you easily communicate in a group setting, but the app also makes it easy for team members to share/track progress on specific projects, access files and download photos. This is also good for a business to create different group chats depending on teams and departments.

TripIt– Are you someone who travels a lot? If so, TripIt will be your new best friend. This app lets you not only organize your flights, hotels, meetings and reservations, but it will also compile things into a clean, concise agenda! Once you have your agenda you can share it with your family or coworkers to keep them in the loop.

AwardWallet- As an addition to TripIt, if you’re someone who travels a lot you most likely are a member of a number of different rewards programs. Flights, hotels, stores…it’s hard to keep track of them all. AwardWallet keeps everything nice and organized with your reward/loyalty number handy, how many reward points you’ve accrued and any barcodes that may need to be scanned.

Asana- Keep tabs on your team and daily work wherever you are thanks to Asana. This app allows you to create checklists for work, assign tasks, create team or individual boards and track how much work is getting done. You can share checklists with your team or create private ones, so even if you are out of the office you can be assigned work or see how much needs to get done. Through this app you can also attach shared document or Dropbox links.

Expensify- If your business is one that consistently has to reimburse employees for travel, meals and other expenses, Expensify is a great tool to have your company download! Expensify is an easy way to take pictures of important receipts, log any expenses and input the numbers into documents. A corporate account on Expensify is probably the easiest way to go about things.


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