Computer maintenance is important for any business or household, because it is what keeps things running efficiently. In today’s day in age most businesses rely heavily on their computers and networks operating smoothly for the sales and service of the business, and most households rely on their technology to keep everyone happy. However, there are a few rules of thumb both businesses and families should be following when it comes to computer maintenance!


  1. Backing Up Is Your Best Friend

Most people like to put off backing up their computers or networks because it “will take too long” or it’s more effort than we wish. However, it is not that difficult and it will save you a lifetime of stress if something were to happen to your device. Companies should be implementing back-ups on a regular basis, and families should get in the habit of doing the same.


  1. Virus Protection

It’s always important to make sure your network is safely protected from viruses on the Internet or bugs that can attack your personal information and shut down your computers.


  1. Know Who to Call

When something goes wrong with your computer or network, you should have a contact or service readily available to help you resolve the issue quickly. Many businesses think that having an in-house team for computer service is right. While it’s not necessarily wrong, outsourcing your computer issues can be incredibly useful. That way you’re not paying someone full-time, you don’t have to provide benefits and an external company most likely has more experience and equipment to resolve the issue. Same goes for a household, a company like Black Tie IT can fix your computer and network issues much faster and more efficiently than other options!


  1. Keep Things Clean!

Take some motherly advice and clean! Taking the time to clear space and clean up your computer is so important. It can affect the speed of your computer, the ability to easily find files and your overall daily routine! Take the time to do little things like

  • Empty your digital trash
  • Delete duplicated files or pictures
  • Clear your history once in a while
  • Create folders
  • Exit out of tabs/windows that aren’t being used
  • Keep up with the back-ups

Utilize these tips to keep your computer running the best is possibly can! If you are still having issues, give us a call today!


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